Social Membership

Social members of the MCR are entitled to use its facilities and to attend its social events.  They will be issued with a proximity card enabling access to the common room.  Social membership does not confer entitlement to use the college library or computing suite, to sign up for Scrunch or formal hall (with the exception of MCR exchange dinners and guest dinners), to vote at MCR meetings, or to stand or to vote in MCR elections.

Social members pay a subscription fee of £10 per term.

Those seeking social membership of the MCR should read section 3.2 of the MCR Constitution (available on this page).  They should then contact the College’s Academic Registrar, Miss Rachel Pearson (, who will provide applicants with a form to complete.  They should at the same time contact the MCR Secretary (using the email form; the name of the current Secretary can be found on the Committee page of this website.

Applicants should note that social members must be elected by the MCR at a general meeting.  There can be as few as six general meetings in an academic year, with long periods between meetings during the university vacations; in particular, there is usually a gap of about four months between the last general meeting of Trinity (summer) Term and the first general meeting of Michaelmas (autumn) Term.  Moreover, applications need to be received sufficiently far in advance of a general meeting to enable the requisite notice to be given to the Dean and the Tutor for Graduates.  Applicants are therefore advised to apply well ahead of when they want their membership to begin, in order to minimise the risk of delay to their application.