Committee (23-24)

President: Rocío Gómez-Ruiz

Hi! I am Rocío from Mexico doing a DPhil in English. As president of the MCR I get to represent the MCR to the rest of College at committee meetings and Governing Body. In addition, I am responsible for the smooth running of the MCR, and you can reach out to me if you have any queries or issues about the MCR!

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Secretary: Josefine Ekeland

Hi, y’all. I’m Jo, from Norway, doing a DPhil in Ancient History. If anyone wants to get in contact about social membership for the MCR, I’m the one to email.

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Treasurer: Sida Wang

Hi, I’m Sida from nowhere and I am doing DPhil in some sort of science. As the treasurer you can email me if you have queries about MCR fees, payment for social memberships, requests for reimbursement for MCR expenses or queries about the MCR budget.

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Academic Officer: Jonathan Krude

I’m Jonathan from Germany, doing a DPhil in Philosophy. As the Academic Officer, I organise MCR/SCR seminars and lightning talks. I also represent the MCR on the Academic and Library Committees and run the MCR book scheme.

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Male Welfare Officer: Peter Doohan

Hey, I’m Peter, as Welfare Officer, you can email me if you have any welfare questions, if the welfare cupboard needs restocking or if you want someone in the college to be sent chocolate.

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Female Welfare Officer: Geetika Kumar

Hi! I’m Geetika and I’m a 4th Year Medic. Feel free to contact me for anything welfare related, be it something you’d like to chat about to de-stress or suggestions for the next welfare tea 🙂

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Food Officer: Johanna Hoffmann

Hi, I’m Johanna from Germany, doing a DPhil in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics. I run weekly formal hall sign-ups and am your first point of contact if you have any hall-related questions.

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Food Officer: Eleanor Mackay

Hello! I’m Eleanor, studying for a DPhil in Physical Chemistry (I love colloidal suspension dynamics and watching molecules wiggle under microscopes). In the MCR I am the ‘Big Dinner Officer’ meaning I organise the guest list for our termly Guest Nights and for the Christmas dinners at the end of Michaelmas term. Please email me if you have any questions about these events!

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Food Officer: Matas Keršys

Hi, I’m Matas from Lithuania and I’m doing a DPhil in Philosophy. As your Food Officer I am responsible for buying biscuits, sweets and other goodies for the MCR.

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Entertainments Officer: Mikey Staines

Hi, I’m Mikey, from the UK, I’m doing a DPhil in Materials Science. I’m responsible for organising fun. I am a huge swiftie, so look forward to T Swizzle events. Email us if you need to know anything about bops, formal exchanges or have any suggestions.

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Entertainments Officer: Souhardh Kotakadi

Hi, I’m Souhardh, from the UK, doing a DPhil in Materials Science. I’m responsible for organising fun. Email me if you need to know anything about bops, formal exchanges or have any suggestions.

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Entertainments Officer: Yash Malhotra

Hi, I am Yash, doing a DPhil in Clinical Medicine. I am responsible for organizing fun. Feel free to get in touch for information about MCR events, BOPS and any suggestions.

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Environment & Ethics Officer: Erick Spahr

Hello, I’m Erick, from the United States, third year DPhil in Philosophy. As Environment and Ethics officer, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any ideas or concerns about sustainability or environmental stewardship.

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Equality and Diversity Officer: Constance Everett-Pite

Hey I’m Constance (she/her), a second year Classics DPhil student, and I’m excited to be your equality and diversity officer. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any thoughts/ideas/worries about equality in the MCR. As Equality and Diversity Officer, I sit on the college Diversity Committee and am the liaison between the MCR and the College Equality Fellow (Prof Mark Wrathall). My main goal is to make Corpus a more inclusive and diverse space through events, speakers, and working with students and staff to overcome issues that students may be having in College spaces.

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IT Officer: Fiona Phillips

Hi! I’m Fiona (she/her) from the UK, doing a DPhil in Ancient History (Classics). As the MCR’s IT officer, you can email me for any questions about IT-related issues in the MCR or suggestions about the MCR website.

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JCR 4th Year Representative: Vacant

This position is currently vacant.