Which is the best college for graduate students?

The general consensus is that Corpus Christi College, Oxford,  is the best college for graduate students.

What is the “MCR”?

MCR stands for Middle Common Room. Confusingly MCR refers to two different things. 1) It refers to the actual physical Middle Common Room itself, the social space that graduate students in Corpus use and 2) it refers to the graduate student body of Corpus.

How big is Corpus Christi MCR?

Corpus Christi MCR is a pretty small graduate community. There are just over 100 grad students here so we’re a pretty close-knit but welcoming group!

Where can I find more information at Corpus Christi?

You can find out more about Corpus on the Corpus Christi College website here.

I have an obvious question which I thought would be answered here – who should I ask?

Email anyone on the committee.  We are here to help.